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The new trend that involves Anime is making what was once animated into a Live-Action film. No, this article will not talk about that one box office flop that I will never EVER name (it starts with a D, was done by Fox, and was just evil.)


has been around since 1970 — but hadn’t exactly caught on until recently, when newer Anime such as Ouran High School Host Club and Attack on Titan were suddenly becoming Live-Action features.


Why is this trend hitting such high demand with the Japanese crowd? Is it possible they are trying to show us that Anime can be Live-Action without being vomited on or done in such horrid taste? Or is it because our technology is becoming more advanced and allows for such Anime like Attack on Titan or Ghost in the Shell to become Live-Action?

While we might not know the answer, I know that I hope to see more in production soon — and maybe some shows that once got horrible Live-Action treatment will get another chance at a film that will help us forget what once was.

Just Eww