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Yozakura Quartet

Status: Ongoing
Published: Jan 26, 2006
Genres: Action, Comedy, Magic,Shounen, Super Power, Slice of Life,Supernatural
Authors: Yasuda, Suzuhito
Serialization: Shounen Sirius



The story revolves around four teenagers; Akina, Hime, Ao, and Kotoha; each of them having their own unique abilities. They run an office called Hiizumi Life Counseling Office, where their job is to help and protect the townspeople of Sakurashin, a town where humans and youkai co-exist. The town is protected by a barrier created by the spiritual sakura known as The Seven Pillars. The Seven Pillars exist in both the human world and the youkai world and is the only thing that keeps both worlds connected to each other. However, recent bizarre incidents have occurred in their town and someone has threatened its safety. It is up to the four of them to protect the town they love.

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Yozakura Quartet’s biggest appeal lies in its extensive ensemble of youkai and human residents in the town of Sakurashin, from spellcasting Kotodama users to the descendants of Dr. Frankenstein, each with their own charming personalities and abilities. The character designs are gorgeous and if they seem to look familiar, Suzuhito Yasuda actually did the original character designs for Durarara!. Yasuda definitely takes his time with character development, however sometimes at the expense of creating a semi-predictable story and dragging along the plotline – then again, nobody’s ever complained about too much character development. Because of this, we do seem to miss out on a lot of the elements of the Yozakura universe with little explanation as to what exactly “tuning” is and a few of the other important details.


Personally, I’m in love the artwork – the beautifully drawn characters and clean lines are superb, no wonder this manga ended up getting picked up for an anime series as well as a few ova’s. This one is currently still ongoing so give it a read and tell us what you think!