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All the S Class heroes are assembled, including a certain bald B Class tag-a-long, to ready themselves for a God Level attack on Earth! The Association has received a warning from the seer Madame Shibabawa before she died an untimely death due to a misplaced cough drop. Madame Shibabawa’s predictions may have been few and far between; however, every one of her predictions have been accurate. The last prediction reads, “The Earth is in trouble!” and the Association warns our top heroes that this attack may happen sometime within the next six months, so they’ll need to be ready at any moment’s notice! With our luck, of course, the attack begins now.


A large alien ship lands in A City, reducing the entire city to rubble and ash in no time. On the ground level, a five headed clay morphing alien is finishing off any stragglers and in the air, the ship is armed with cannons and filled with even more strange aliens ready to attack. Genos attempts to work with the rest of the team, but soon realizes after a bit of back and forth with Tornado, that the S Class heroes don’t seem to work very well in groups. He doesn’t let him bother him much though, seeing as Saitama has already made his way into the alien ship and began an attack from the inside, littering the ship with fallen aliens while waiting for the boss to show up.

Most of what this episode has taught us is that the Hero Association has no holds upon the S Class heroes. While we meet most of them today, half of them hardly even care about being there, and then there are the few that cared so little they didn’t even decide to show up. While this episode was mostly setting us up for a large-scale battle in the next episode, it was fun to see the odd, quirky S Class heroes. Next episode we’ll hopefully see Saitama getting rid of some alien scum.


Episode Rating:

After a spectacular episode 9, episode 10 is another break from intensity and is more or less a setup for episodes to come.


One-Punch Count:

Only one one-punch seen in this episode, when Saitama makes it into the ship and kills the first alien; however, there was evidence that he probably one-punched a dozen other.