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The second episode of One Punch Man is out and chock-full of cyborgs, assassins, and…  mosquitoes!?


In this episode, we’re introduced to Genos — a handsome, blonde-haired cyborg superhero with a chip on his shoulder. Our new robotic hero comes fully equipped with super strength, flamethrowers, and to Saitama’s detest, a tearfully long back story. Genos dukes it out Mosquito Girl, a sexy humanoid insect with a swarm of mosquitoes who are terrorizing Z-City and eventually, Saitama does what he does best.  Mosquito Girl gets one-punched just as she’s about to defeat Genos and in return Saitama lands himself a new disciple.


Along with a new hero, we also get introduced to the “House of Evolution”; an evil organization of genetically altered animals who have their eyes set on capturing Saitama. Will their mission be a success? Well, what’d you expect? It’s One Punch Man: So, hell no.


The strength in this episode falls heavily on its comedic timing, whether it be the unbeatable Saitama struggling against a tiny mosquito, Genos’ mindnumbingly long back story, or a giant cyborg gorilla begging for mercy. Of course, the fight scenes are lengthy and gorgeously animated; and for those of you who love action, there are more explosions in this episode than an entire Expendables film.  Back that up with some sick guitar riffs, and this episode really holds up the momentum that episode one brought.


Comment below and tell us how you feel about the new sidekick, Genos, or which of the “House of Evolution” deaths were your favorite! (My personal favorite was the praying mantis.)