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Episode three starts with a short introduction to the genius doctor named Genus; father to the assassin science experiments and endless self-clones. As with Genos’ backstory, Genus’ is lengthy, in-depth, and a satirical play on his character tropes – in this case it’s the “evil genius.” While the humor is subtle, it’s played very well against the serious tones and reinforces One Man Punch’s style of hilarious self-awareness.

While this episode moves rather quickly, we still get our weekly dose of action and explosions. In the midst of this assault, and as a last ditch effort to survive, Genus unleashes his ultimate creation, a colossal behemoth of a beast named Carnage Kabuto. This guy is the epitome of the House of Evolution’s effort to create the perfect being. His intellect is incomparable, even by Genus’ standard, and his physical strength and unbreakable brown shell armor are inhuman. To top it off, he can even achieve “Carnage Mode,” breaking his shell and revealing an all too familiar green and purple form. (Shout out to Evangelion fans!)


Saitama gives the viewers a peek at his own past this episode, while revealing his secret training technique: 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats every day. Throw in a 10 mile run after each workout and there you have it: the recipe to become a one punching badass hero! Naturally, Genos doesn’t buy it, and points out that his regimen is hardly even tough by athletic standards.  Saitama’s training is then backed by not only his word, but by a one-punch finish to implode Carnage Kabuto to smithereens!

All in all, episode three draws its allure seeming blatantly predictable and straightforward, then changing it up with absurd comical relief and flawless fight animations.