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This latest episode of One Punch Man really lets of the gas pedal and slows down to give us more of the details of the day-to-day hero life. Saitama tries to balance being a role model for his new student and maintaining the C-Rank lifestyle… or at least he’s doing the best he can!


From the looks of it, Saitama’s grown acclimated to the C-Rank hero. Eating junk food, picking his nose, and watching the new for leads, or lack thereof. Up until now, he’s done all his hero-ing on the fly, but once he realizes that C-Rank heroes face the consequence of losing their title after a week of inactivity he gets out there to find some crime! According to Genos, C-Ranks just handle petty crimes: purse snatching, robberies, random attack, etc. It seems to be tougher to be a C-Rank than an S-Rank due to the lack of work and harsh competition, this makes a great play on Saitama trying to escape the realities of being a business man and it coming full circle to bite him in the ass. Unfortunately, all his rushing around town, looking like a maniac, has brought unwanted attention to him and now he’s being mistaken as a criminal. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic gets a little bit of screen time during this event, defeating a hero named Tank Top Tiger and causing a raucous to tempt Saitama into a fight. In the end, Saitama realizes that he can kill two birds with one stone; show the people he’s a hero and finish his work for the week. As such, Speed-o’-Sound didn’t last one punch.

It was cool to see most of the other briefly mentioned superheroes like Watchdog Man, Mushroom, and Horsebone during a scene with the Hero Association executives doing their check-ins on each city. Most cities seem to be under control except for Z City, which has become known for being an abandoned, dangerous monster’s den. Due to excessive monster activity, many of the citizens have taken up residence in the surrounding cities to avoid peril. The Hero Association sends two of their A-Ranks, Spring Moustachio and Golden Ball, to do a little investigating. The town is in ruins, the storefronts are all shut, and not a single soul is to be found, until they run into a seaweed monster. The first of the pair of A-Ranks, Golden Ball, gets mowed down rather quickly, and Moustachio follows after a bit of fancy swordsmanship. Before he’s out for the count, he makes the call for back up.


Now remember how we mentioned that Z City is abandoned? Nobody living here? Monster’s den? That’s right, except for your friendly neighborhood Saitama! The caped baldy shows up on his way home from the grocery and quickly does away with the seaweed monster, bringing home some “leftover” konbu to use for dinner. By the time the Hero Association’s back up arrives, they survey the crime scene and come to the conclusion that the seaweed monster was defeated, but most likely taken down by a monster even bigger and stronger.

Episode Rating:

This episode nets a C+; above average, but left me wanting more.

One Punch Counter:

One quick chop for Speed-o’-Sound!