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It’s an invasion of the Sea Folk! For the past few weeks, Saitama has been slowly climbing up the hero ladder and defeating several different sea monsters all across the land; however, this time the big kahuna has made an appearance – the King of the Sea Folk! After taking down a former S Class hero, he squares up with Speed-o-Sound Sonic, who conveniently escaped from prison amidst the chaos. Sonic does well to show off his talents – ducking and dodging everything that the Sea King throws his way. That is, at least, until the rain begins to rejuvenate and transform the water dwelling villain. Sonic makes a lewd escape, streaking right past Saitama, who is attempting to find his way to the source of the pandemonium in the heart of J City.


With the small fry Sonic out of the way, the Sea King has turned his attention to the evacuation center set up for those who couldn’t seem to get out of J City in time. Standing up to him are a few C Classes, a B Class, and an A Class, but to no avail! Each of these brave warriors get taken down like ducks in a shooting gallery. Genos is just on time with his arrival, poking his head in and surveying the damage. Can he do it alone? For now, he’ll have to defeat the King of the Sea Folk all on his own – or at least hold out until Saitama finally gets his bald head into the action.

The action cuts us short with a cliff hanger, leaving us with our fingers crossed and hopes high that he’ll make it in time. Hell, this is Saitama the One Punch Man… He’ll make it in time – and maybe even break out of the C Class with this win. With the look in his eyes, it seems to me that Saitama is excited to finally find a worthy opponent.


Episode Rating:

While this episode didn’t feature Saitama as much, I enjoyed seeing Sonic get into the fight and so far we’ve only seen his get one-punched by Saitama. However, the episode seemed to go by rather quickly, setting us up for a big fight in the next episode.


One-Punch Count:

No Saitama; No One-Punch!