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Leave it to Saitama to come to the rescue just as the evacuating citizens of J City come close to their demise, taking the Deep Sea King head on in a highly anticipated show down. This week’s episode showcased One Punch Man’s ability to create flawless, action packed fight animations and at the same time, featured an emotionally charged plot line. Saitama plays the villain in the end, but is it for the better?

The first fight scene in this episode features Genos squaring up against the Deep Sea King and opens with what looked like a one-punch knock out from the android, yet in the end he was barely able to make the fishman break a sweat. Although he was outmatched, Genos kept up a good fight, mostly trying to buy time – either for the citizens of J City to get away, or until Saitama makes an entrance, whichever comes first. The fight closes with Genos sacrificing his body to protect an innocent, young girl from the Deep Sea Kings acid spit. One great thing about Genos is no matter how many of these fights leave him in a pitiful mess of shorted circuits, melted metal, and decayed flesh, he still gets patched up before the next episode begins.

Up next for a severe ass kicking: Mumen Rider. The top ranked C Class, the License-less Rider pedals his way into the scene with a crash!  We all knew he didn’t stand a chance against this fish freak, but Mumen Rider still pushed forward with his indestructible sense of justice. This part was a tear jerker as you heard the crowd call out in support with their cheers of “Ganbarimasu!” One Punch Man had almost made the Heroes all seem sort of comical and fun throughout the series, but this was the first time you got to see a hero in a proud sense. Don’t get me wrong though, Mumen Rider gets beaten to a pulp regardless. Before getting finished off, Saitama swoops in to the rescue.

The fight we’ve all been waiting for was finished faster than it had begun. That’s right folks, the untouchable Deep Sea King was taken down with one punch. This time, with a crowd to witness, you’d think that Saitama would finally have gotten his claim to fame, finally gaining the recognition he deserved to break out of the C Class, maybe even shooting his way up into S Class, but no, not this time. The public sees only what they choose to see, and this time they point out that Saitama can’t really be that strong, going so far as to say that he’s just a cheater who waited until the other heroes had worked the Sea King down and swooped into to steal the win. In the end, Saitama decides that he’d rather let the public pin him as a cheater than to tarnish the reputation of all those that had sacrificed themselves in an attempt to stop the Deep Sea King.


While most everyone is busy sending hate mail to Saitama, there happen to be a few out there who do believe in him. Saitama is summoned to the Hero Association in order to be examined for a promotion as a B Class hero. On his way home, he runs into an unlikely fan and fellow hero, Mumen Rider. Mumen Rider and Saitama hold many of the same values as a hero, both believing in the idea that a hero is made from hard work, sacrifice, an altruistic nature, and a strong sense of justice. Do I smell a bromance?


Episode Rating:

This episode had it all: action, comedy, drama, you name it.


One-Punch Count:

While it took the Deep Sea King two whole episode to single handedly wipe all who stood before him, it only took Saitama one punch to obliterate him.