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Gaen left the last episode going on and on about apparitions and minions, and here she is again to begin this episode to do exactly the same. Gaen-senpai sits down our baby protagonists to teach them a lesson – a lesson that began fifteen years ago. Let’s list off what started fifteen years ago: Hanekawa Tsubasa became known has Hanekawa Tsubasa (cue the adorable cut to baby Hanekawa), the previous phoenix is reincarnated, and of course, the first minion floats his ashen disembodiment to this very city. Gaen explains that starting from there on, the occurrence of apparitions start to take a climb – Hachikuji, Kanbaru, and Senjougahara, to name a few. As for why these apparitions start to show up? Naturally, if you remember from previous arcs, Shinobu, as well as her first minion, are forces that naturally attract apparitions to wherever they may be.


Keeping in mind that all these apparitions begin appearing, let it also be known that the Shiraebi shrine happens to be a sacred ground that naturally attracts these same forces. This perfect storm of bad juju is what eventually allows the first minion to resurrect itself, finally breaking the eternal cycle between ash and the void. Now we understand the means in which the first minion has resurrected, Gaen gives Araragi little option but to “take responsibility”. Now that the task to get rid of the first is in the second’s hands, Shinobu gives him a few words of encouragement reminding him that to her there is no difference in the number, that’s not how she keeps track of who is her master. He is her master, that’s all there is to it.

The second half of the episode was filled with quick quips, solid comedic timing, and an adorable Kanbaru-Shinobu moments. Let with a 5000 yen bill from Gaen, Araragi decides to give the gals a break and goes to pick up groceries and a few choice items for Kanbaru – she almost duped him into grabbing a brassiere for her, but in the end, Araragi caved into buying her the latest issue of her BL series. However, before leaving the bookstore, our hero makes a fateful encounter with the first.


Episode Rating:

While the second of this episode was great and was able to be remarkably funny, the first episode was a lot of dialogue and explanations. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the animation for those scenes have lost a little shine compared to previous arcs.

Head-Tilt Count:

Only seven head tilts, but with the amount of characters featured in this episode, I would have expected more.