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In “Sodachi’s Riddle – Part 2” we go even further into our protagonist’s past to find out how math has become his greatest love and why the tsundere twintails hates him to the core. Also, we get a quick cameo from Ononoki!

Up until this current arc of the Monogatari series, the main focus of every season has been one of the girls and their own problems, so it’s pleasing to see more and more of Araragi’s hazy past come to light — as well as more character development for what had started to become a stale lolicon hero. While we have little to no information on what created his personality at the point where we are now, this leaves much room for growth for the plotline on the backend; for every truth we discover, a new plotline opens up. And with every plotline that opens up, we realize how unreliable Araragi’s own memory recall is. For example, it’s exposed that Araragi was struggling with math, and therefore a girl in his class decided to take matters into her own hands and teach him the joys of math — which then leads to his grades improving. Odd how this is a memory that Araragi simply didn’t recall until led down the rabbit hole with Ougi. Not to mention the part where Araragi mentions his parents are police officers, giving us more information that we did not know. However, with each of these facts illuminated, there’s one thing to ask: considering his capacity to remember details, are these facts that Araragi’s remembering correctly, or are they false or faulty memories being fed to him by Ougi? And as Hanekawa did point out, the only flaw in Ougi’s theory for Oikura’s hate for Araragi is that our forgetful Araragi never seemed to tell anyone about his parents and what they did for a living — going further to even point out that he would usually just dodge the question or flat out not reply. Perhaps Ougi and Ararargi’s past goes even deeper?


I’m very impressed with the use of math in the series so far. From a viewpoint of someone who generally dislikes math, it’s remarkable to see how well it’s used in this anime and how rich Nisio Isin’s own knowledge on the subject must certainly be. With that said, I’d reckon we’d see a mathematical problem, equation, or theory come into play to help tie up the arc in the end, possibly using the recurring theme of the Monty Hall problem. For those who don’t understand, I’ll simply put it that in the case of the Monty Hall problem – choosing the first letter, being told that the second letter is wrong, and then being given the option to change your choice – the odds state that you should always change to the last letter, as the chances are greater that this is the correct letter. Maybe Oikura’s been waiting for Araragi to “change his choice and select the last letter”? Or I’d like to believe that even if the odds are against him, that doesn’t necessarily mean his initial choice is wrong.