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Persona 4 Dancing All Night is a spin-off of the original Persona 4 video game. Instead of the game being a normal RPG with battles against shadows and monsters, Persona 4 Dancing All Night has what is called “dance battles.”

What are “dance battles” you ask? Well, you hit the right key at the right moment and complete combos to get the best score.





This is a review of Persona 4 Dancing All Night (P4DAN) for the Playstation Vita. I have finished the campaign of the game. It is a pretty short campaign if you actually sit down and play it for hours on end like I did. It took me about one full day, but 3 days to complete because I only took a few hours at a time to go through the story.

The story takes a whole new spin on the idea of “bonds” — a term you hear throughout Persona 4. As the main character has to form bonds with the rest of his team and others in the town to complete the full story of Persona 4. In P4DAN, the “bonds” between you, as the Protagonist (who is actually called Yu), and the “Investigation Team” is already there. Through the story you get to meet Kanami and Kanamin Kitchen, who are the new rising idols along side the idol Rise Kujikawa (or Risette as she is called by the idol world.)


Yes, bonds


As the story progresses, you learn that the idols of Kanamin Kitchen are not truly who they portray themselves on the outside, and wish to form their own bonds after seeing the Investigation Team and their bonds. You must rescue Kanamin Kitchen and their manager, Ms. Ochimizu, from the twisted bonds of the Midnight Stage.


I've seen this somewhere before More bonds


As for the gameplay, it can be a little confusing if you are not used to rhythm games. However, there is an easy mode you can do instead of the normal mode — which is a great idea for those who just want to see the story and not have to worry about completing the stage to move on to the next part of the story.


That is what the Japanese text says


What I found to be a glaring problem for me with this game is that you have to actually adjust the brightness of the game to see the ring that helps you get perfect timing for you button presses. I found that moving the brightness down to 4 has helped a lot.

Rocking it out


Basically, if you are a Persona 4 lover and want to see a different story to the Persona 4 universe, I suggest getting P4DAN. Give it a try– it is really a great game and I love Kanami and Nanako. It has all the familiar songs from Persona 4, and even remixes of the songs. People will certainly enjoy it.


New character

Risette and the other idols

If I had to give it a star rating, I would give P4DAN a 4 out of 5 stars!