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Sony is now shipping out their “New” 1TB Playstation 4 consoles. But what you probably didn’t know is: the only thing “new” about this 1TB version is the larger storage capacity.

The true NEWEST of the Playstation 4 consoles remains 500GB: with an all new motherboard, less power consumption, and is lighter with less noise. The new 1TB PS4s are likely a marketing strategy— Sony is leaning towards not letting old hardware go to waste by re-releasing it with a larger storage capacity.

There is a way to find out which console you’re buying by checking the model number; the new and improved PS4s are the CUH-1200 series, while the older models are CUH-1100 series.


We understand many gamers out there would rather spend their well-earned money on the most current model on the market without feeling tricked; after all, we gamers are already on a tight budget buying new titles all the time. If you are just looking for more storage, take advantage of the PS4’s easy-access storage bay and swap out the old hard drive with a larger one. There are many online tutorials to guide you through the process.

Happy gaming!