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The current models of Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, uses CPUs provided by two different companies. The first is the N71AP (6S) and N66AP (6S Plus), manufactured by Samsung (the irony!). The second is the N71MAP (6S) and N66MAP (6S Plus), manufactured by TSMC. It is very rare for phone manufactures to source their CPUs from two different companies but when you are doing big numbers like Apple, you need all the inventory you can get. All four CPUs are system-on-chip (SoC) with Samsung using a 14nm process and TSMC using a 16nm process.




Early reports have surfaced saying that the TSMC CPUs are outperforming the Samsung CPUs in battery benchmarks. Using the GeekBench battery test, the phones with the TSMC CPUs clocked in with 8 hours of battery life while the Samsung CPUs only reached 6 hours. This is a huge difference, especially if you are always on the go and do not have time to charge your phone! Users are also reporting that the Samsung CPUs are running hotter and slightly slower than the TSMC CPUs.


TSMC vs Samsung
Now, I know you’re thinking, “Oh no! I just bought that new, shiny iPhone 6S and I don’t want the Samsung processor. What can I do Khoi?!?” Well first, you should calm down and take a deep breath. Second, you should go into the App Store and download Lirum Device Info Lite. This handy app will tell you what kind of processor your phone has, and if you’re inclined to, you can return the phone and hope you get the TSMC chip with a new purchase (just like a Pokémon booster pack!). Keep in mind that actual battery life will vary from person to person, as each person will have their own settings and application preferences.